One stop service training camp Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Spain, England, Germany, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, UAE more…

Minute to Minute detail itinerary for daily activities, training and local matches.

Handling all the necessary documents with the local football association/clubs.

Guarantee the top class matches with local football clubs Thai League, T2, and T3, Youth academy, ex Thailand legends.

Local logistic

Airport fast track/Security

Top class training facilities and provide training equipment (up on request)

Top class hotel to fit the budget

Top class food and beverages

Top class hospital for recovery program

Laundry services

Local team Liaison with the local knowledge and we can provide the spcific language requested by our client.

Match day management

In the past JPA have worked along side our clients to create football tournament in Thailand and China, Youth Tournament and Senior Tournament, Legend Matches, International Exhibition matches, Seminars, Workshop and others.  Other then football we can create other sport such as marathon, golf event, meet and greet with the legends.

JPA will;

  • Promote the Event.
  • Work side by side with the owner/sponsor of the event to maximize the potential income on the match or the tournament.
  • Budget planning.
  • Media Planning.
  • Press conference post/pre planning.
  • Advise on the under writing the event’s contract.
  • Manage the match day event.
  • Manage the team logistic.
  • Manage the budget and event planning.
  • Handling with all the local government and sports association.

In 2019 JPA launch a new sector of the company by providing ONLINE ticket booking platform to watch various sports all over the world including English Premiere League, La Liga League, Bundesliga on justplayticket.com

Other sports may include NBA, Formula 1, Rugby, Euro Cup, Golf PGA/LPGA, Olympic, world cup and many more

This website will be user friendly and easy to book ticket online for our client Thailand and local region area to book on the last minute deal.  At the very competitive price with a establish company and save payment gate way.  Most importantly the ticket will reach to our client safely.

JPA will provide our expertise to build a structure for the local Football Club, Sports club, Government, Sports Associations, Schools, University, Hotel Club House, Sport Rehabilitation Centre, Football Academy.

JPA will provide;

  • Sports Marketing and Consultant.
  • Promote the event and maximise all marketing channel including social media to increase public branding awareness.
  • Set up international partnership with local sports teams / club and schools we strongly use sports as gateway to other businesses.
  • Set up spots infrastructure for academy.

Not just the INBOUND program to the Thailand or local region, we provide OUTBOUND program to China and Europe.  JPA will provide the package to suit the budget of the local Football club, School teams, Summer program during the school holidays and ammeter sports experience to fit each individual budget.

JPA will organize tour package for youth training program in Spain or England at the top training facilities in Spain and England with the top coaches or even famous ex legend from Lal iga or English Premiere league.  In the package will include matches and watch top European football in UK and Spain.